Discover, Play, Learn: The Ultimate Guide to Educational Toys for Your Baby

Updated November 2023

Unlock the world of playful learning for your baby with a carefully curated selection of educational toys.

Foster curiosity and development through engaging, age-appropriate play experiences.

Explore our guide to discover the perfect toys that balance fun and early learning milestones



Is an educational toy brand for babies and children aged 0 to 5, rooted in Montessori principles and child development science.

Lovevery offers three types of products:

Play Kit: These are play kits containing toys, books, and activity guides tailored to each stage of a child’s development. They are delivered every 2 or 3 months, depending on the child’s age.


Play Gym: It’s a playmat that includes an arch with hanging items, a mirror, a high-contrast book, and a cover. Designed to stimulate a baby’s senses, motor skills, and learning from birth to 12 months.


Block Set: A set of 70 wooden pieces of various shapes, colors, and sizes for building, sorting, counting, stacking, and more. Intended to encourage creativity, logic, and spatial reasoning in children aged 18 months to 5 years.


Sophie the Giraffe (Teething)


A popular baby teething toy in France, made of natural rubber and painted with food-grade paint. Designed with various textures and shapes for teething relief, stimulating a baby’s hearing and sense of smell.


Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle & Sensory Teether Toy


A baby toy combining a rattle and teether. Made of soft, flexible plastic tubes of different colors, forming a labyrinth. Stimulates a baby’s senses, motor skills, and teething.

Baby Folding Foam Play Mat


A foldable playmat made of thick and durable foam. Dual-sided with colorful and neutral designs, providing a comfortable and safe space for crawling, playing, and resting.


Books for babies

Books for babies stimulate cognitive, emotional, and linguistic development through images, texts, sounds, and textures. They also foster a strong bond between adults and children during enjoyable and fun reading moments.


Here’s a brief introduction and usefulness of some requested baby books:

Good Night Moon: A bedtime classic by Margaret Wise Brown, fostering calmness and security in a bunny’s nighttime routine.

Brown Bear: A colorful book by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle, introducing animals through simple rhymes, enhancing visual perception, memory, vocabulary, and imagination.

Are You My Mama: P.D. Eastman’s story of a bird searching for its mother encourages curiosity, identification, humor, and love.

I’ve Loved You Since Forever: Hoda Kotb’s book with Suzie Mason’s illustrations expresses a mother’s unconditional love through poetry, celebrating a baby’s arrival and making them feel cherished and special.


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