Baby Basics: The Essential Wardrobe and Bedding Guide Every New Parent Needs

Updated November 2023

Dressing and keeping your baby warm for sleep is a task to be done with care and common sense. It’s not about adding many layers or covering with blankets, but choosing the right products and adjusting them to your baby’s temperature and needs.

Here, we present a list of products that will make this task easier and help you take care of your baby

Onesies (short sleeves; no legs) (MORI brand or any organic brand)

Single-piece garments covering the baby’s torso and arms but not the legs. Ideal for layering or warmer days. MORI or other organic brands offer onesies made of cotton or bamboo—soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic. Choose based on baby’s size and weight, fastened with buttons or Velcro.

Sleepers (long sleeves; long legs)

One-piece outfits covering the baby’s entire body, excluding head and hands. Ideal as pajamas or daywear. Sleepers feature a zipper or button closure for easy diaper changes. Choose based on baby’s size and weight, machine wash with a mild detergent, no fabric softener.


Receiving blankets/Miracles Blankets (Organic Muslin Swaddle or Pea Wee Baby Swaddler, the Woombie Swaddler)

Blankets used for swaddling, providing a sense of security. Made of organic cotton or muslin—lightweight, soft, breathable. Models like Organic Muslin Swaddle, Pea Wee Baby Swaddler, and Woombie Swaddler have designs for secure swaddling. Choose based on baby’s size and weight, machine wash with a mild detergent, no fabric softener.

Amazing Baby Transitional Swaddle Sack (or Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit)

Sacks or suits for transitioning from swaddling to free sleep. Allows arm and leg movement while maintaining a sense of containment. Amazing Baby Transitional Swaddle Sack features adjustable cuffs, Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit has padding for deeper sleep. Choose based on baby’s size and weight, machine wash with a mild detergent, no fabric softener.


Sleep Sack (Woolino or MORI)

Bags for keeping the baby warm without blankets. Bag-shaped with armholes and a bottom zipper. Woolino or MORI models made of wool or bamboo—natural, thermal, breathable. Choose based on baby’s size and weight, machine wash with a mild detergent, no fabric softener.


Crib sheets (organics neutral soft colors)

Sheets for covering the baby’s crib mattress. Should be organic cotton—soft, breathable, hypoallergenic. Opt for neutral, soft colors promoting relaxation. Ensure the right size for the mattress with elastic to secure them. Machine wash with a mild detergent, no fabric softener.

Snoo smart baby sleeper and bassinet

It is a smart crib designed by pediatrician and author of the book the happiest baby on the block dr. Harvey karp that adapts to the babys sleep rhythm and has an integrated safety system. It also has a control panel and a mobile app that allow you to adjust the movement, sound and sensitivity to the babys crying.

Dream machine

It is a device that projects relaxing images and soft sounds to create a calm and cozy environment for the baby. It has a timer that can be programmed to turn off the device after a certain time and a light sensor that automatically turns on when the room is dark and turns off when there is light.

Baby sleep sacks

Are portable blankets that fit the babys body and keep him warm and comfortable while sleeping, being a safe alternative to loose blankets in the crib, which can pose a risk of suffocation. There are different types of sleeping bags for babies, depending on the material, size, design and level of warmth.


SNOO Smart Baby Sleeper and Bassinet

It is a smart crib that enhances baby sleep using rhythms they love. It quickly soothes crying and prevents them from turning into an unsafe position during sleep. The SNOO features a silent and reliable motor, an advanced algorithm that detects baby crying and responds with sound and movement, and a safe sleep sack that prevents rolling. The SNOO can be remotely controlled with a mobile app that records baby sleep and allows adjustments to sensitivity, sound, and movement. The SNOO also has a premature mode and an option to ease the transition to a regular crib.


Baby swaddle

it is a traditional practice of wrapping the baby with a thin and breathable fabric to give him warmth and security. This makes him feel like he is in the womb and helps calm the baby and improve his sleep. There are different ways to make a swaddle, as well as different products that make the process easier, such as blankets with velcro or zipper.

Organic sleep sacks

they are sleeping bags for babies that are made with organic fabrics, such as cotton or bamboo, that do not contain harmful chemicals for the skin or the environment. The characteristics of these are that they are soft, breathable and durable, and offer a more natural and ecological option for baby care.

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