About Me

“Newborn care specialist and Postpartum Doula with over 20+ years of experience helping parents and children sleep better at night”

About Me

My name is Pamela, I am a responsible and Advanced Certified Newborn Care Specialist with over 20+ years of childcare experience.

I am very passionate about my work and committed to the baby and its healthy development. I consider myself to have a calm, nurturing and gentle demeanor. I am very enthusiastic to create a great, loving environment while implementing all necessary newborn care skills to both the baby and guiding parents on their journey. I’m a well-mannered, responsible individual, and have experience working with high profile families.

I have the pleasure of caring for singletons, preemies, with my gentle touch; all while ensuring their parents were well rested and feeling very confident in their parenting abilities. Some of my client’s have never held a baby nor changed a diaper, so I make sure to involve parents in everything that I do. I also take pride in supporting breastfeeding moms overcome any obstacles that may arise once mom and baby are home. However, I also lovingly support families who choose to bottle feed or formula feed their babies.

I have an absolute love for babies and love my job. I hope you will consider me during this special time in your baby’s life as I have the expertise to guide and support you on your postpartum journey.

My Journey


Advanced Certified Newborn Care Specialist

Breastfeeding and Lactation Certification

Newborn Sleep Training Certification

Trustline Certified

CPR/First Aid Certified

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